Reputation Marketing



62%+ of People Read Online Reviews

70% of Customers Trust a Business with a Minimum of 6-10 Reviews

72% of Buyers Trust Reviews as much as Personal Recommendations


Why Reputation Marketing?

Everyone knows that word of mouth advertising has always been the #1 means of gaining new customers.Only now, it is electronic, instantaneous and world-wide. The reality is that customers don’t often share their experience with your business unless it was a negative one. The Good news is that we specialize in Reputation Marketing where we build you a five star reputation and than leverage the great reputation to generate you more business.

Reviews show up in

  • Maps & Google +
  • Pay Per Click
  • Website Rankings
  • Organic Rankings
  • Local Directories


Four Step Process to Improving Your Online Reputation

1. Develop Your 5 Star Reputation

(Our system makes it easy to get dozens, even hundreds of positive reviews from your existing clients. Typically it is difficult to get testimonials and reviews from people, but our system makes it easy.)

2. Market Your Reputation

We take those positive reviews and distribute them on the many different places your customers may be searching: Social Media sites, your website, custom build review sites and landing pages, videos on the web, etc; which all help to confirm you as the best business to choose in the minds of potential new clients. Plus this helps you rank better on search engines as well.

3. Manage Your Reputation

Our proprietary system eliminates Bad Reviews by ensuring that any negative reviews – 3 stars or less – never get posted online when processed through our system. Plus, you will get a notification email of the negative review, giving you the opportunity to turn the bad reviews into good reviews.

4. Create a Reputation Marketing Business Culture

We help you create a Reputation Marketing Culture inside your staff. We train your staff how to be proactive in building your business’s reputation by harvesting reviews and feedback from your clients. Because the way that you treated you last client is one of the main reasons you’re going to get your next client.


What you get with AMG

Get a 5 Star Reputation for YOUR Business
and More Pre-Qualified Clients than ever before!


  • Your own “Custom” branded review page right on your website
  • The most current “5-Star” raving reviews posted right on your homepage
  • We create a testimonial page for your website with text & video testimonials
  • We even include your own company media center for access to templates and materials

  • We monitor your online reputation and notify you immediately of all reviews
  • We post your 5 star reviews to social media sites
  • A training center for your staff; to help improve customer experience
  • We produce a professional reputation video commercial for your company’s review


The benefits are incredible, and you get complete reporting and alerts!
Just imagine how powerful these reviews will be for your business!

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